Fresh Graduate Till Untune

fGTU is an innovative concept of WEB-RESUME to establish a new era of selection process by any professionally managed organization, launched by The Advice & Assist for the 1st time in India.

The Advice & Assist is a professionally managed soft skill training institute based at Ahmedabad-India established by Paresh Bhatt in year 1994. It's a group of successful professionals from different walks of life having an average experience of more than 25 years in respective profession....

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Web Resume

The type of Resume which contains fully compiled information available in Traditional Resume. It resembles the traditional Resume but is not bounded by length or concept of pages. It can be in form of video or a web-link with his/her domain name.

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Printable Resume

It’s a traditionally paper based or now a days available in word or pdf format. Its usually uploaded online on job search sites, personal and professional websites and social networking sites.

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fGTU is a unique concept of job application format. This concept will make recruitment process EASY & EFFECTIVE for HR professional and will also help to search out best suitable candidate from the bunch of job seekers.

Dr. Samir Trivedi
MD - My cosmos Jobs, Gandhinagar