Relax. It's fGTU

Explore the changes we have created to present you digitally


fGTU is an innovative concept of WEB-RESUME to establish a new era of selection process by any professionally managed organization, launched by The Advice & Assist for the 1st time in India.

The Advice & Assist is a professionally managed soft skill training institute based at Ahmedabad-India established by Paresh Bhatt in year 1994. It's a group of successful professionals from different walks of life having an average experience of more than 25 years in respective profession.

Main intention to launch fGTU- THE WEB-RESUME is to make recruitment process more EASY and EFFECTIVE. It's a one click solution for HR professional to understand, analyse and invite the most suitable candidate for interview process for the vacancy in respective departments.

fGTU The WEB-REWUME will help HR Professional in following aspects..

  1. More Understanding about the candidate
  2. Readiness of the candidate about the job and ability to perform the KRA
  3. Communication ( by VESUME )
  4. Reference check
  5. It will save the time and energy of both. i.e. Employer and Candidate
  6. Successful selection of RIGHT candidate